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Accessories | Artificial Grass Accessories and Spare Parts

Apart from our equipment we provide spare parts for most of our synthetic grass products, ranging from spare knives and brushes to useful products that will make the installation of artificial grass safer and ensure a better end result.

Henko 640 Universal Blades

Our Universal Blades are convenient for cutting artificial grass and are suitable for our Length Knife, Line Cutter, Delphin Knife, Loop Pile Cutter, Walk Knife, Topcutter and Circle Cutter.

Henko 610 Slotted blades for Speed Knife

Slotted blades for the Henko 605 Speed Knife. Because of the square shape, all four sides can be used to cut, making it a highly durable knife for cutting synthetic turf.

Henko 640A Hook Knives

The Henko 640A Hook Knives can be placed in our Henko 645 Delphin Knife.

Henko 10000 Corner Plate

The stainless steel Henko Corner Plate is used for setting up the flags on the corners of a synthetic grass football pitch.

Henko 670A Spare Brushes (set)

Developed for cleaning and maintaining artificial turf and suitable as replacement brushes for the Henko 670 and Henko 671 Rotation Brushes.

Topkeeper Pro Spare Parts Set

Suitable for the Topkeeper Pro, this spare parts set contains a bottle of locktight (10ml), 16 spare springs and 4 bolts. It is possible to order individual products of this spare parts set.

Henko 628 Glue Scoop

The Glue Scoop is ideal to retrieve all the remaining artificial grass adhesive from the bucket.

Henko 6004 Artificial Grass Gloves

These gloves are specifically for installing artificial grass and all the proceedings that are involved with the installation of artificial turf.

Henko 6005 Artificial Grass Knee Protectors

Standard knee protectors for the installation of synthetic tuf.

Henko 6005 Deluxe Artificial Grass Knee Protectors

Deluxe high-quality knee protectors for the installation of synthetic grass.

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