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High Tack CS Henko

Henko CS High Tack is a professional, elastic construction adhesive with extremely high starting adhesive strength. It is a high quality product for structural gluing of sheets, skirting, wall panels, floors, etc. Adding struts or clamping is usually not necessary. For gluing nearly all materials used in construction and (even moist) foundations. Can be used indoor and outdoor without edge zone soiling. Can be painted over with most types of acryl latex and alkyd paint. Gluing plaster, glass, mirrors, many plastics (acrylate), (natural) stone, concrete, wood and many metals on various foundations and to one another. Examples: wall covering, insulation panels (Rockwool, foam, pur, ps, etc.), building structures, ornaments, frames, thresholds, window sills, skirting, framing, roof components, outer wall components.

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Article NumberHenko High Tack CS
Suitable forPlaster, glass, mirrors, plastics, (natural) stone, concrete, wood, metals

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Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm
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480 gram cartridge