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Henko 602 Bump

This device can be used standing upright in a correct ergonomic position to adjust the artificial grass seams or to remove wrinkles with little force.

Henko 603 Grass Splitter

After the application of glue, synthetic grass fibers can get stuck in the glue. This grass splitter is designed to get the grass fibers unstuck from the adhesive.

Henko 607 Knee Kicker

The Knee Kicker is used for adjusting the seams, stretching and moving the artificial grass and to remove wrinkles out of the turf. 

Henko 660 Line Boy

Laying the white lines of artificial grass in a football pitch is a precise and time-consuming task. The Henko Line Boy is adjustable to fit the right width of the white lines. You just simply push the device through the seam of the artificial grass, and the line will fall into the exact location.

Henko 1000 Topkeeper Pro

The Topkeeper Pro is designed for the maintenance of artificial turf and is extremely effective against moss. Because of the Topkeeper Pro’s shape it is easy to clean edges, corners and spots that are hard to reach with bigger equipment. The easy-to-assemble Topkeeper Pro is universal and can be used with all brush cutters.

Henko 1001 Topkeeper Hoe New!

The Topkeeper Hoe effectively loosens weeds and removes them deep into the fiber. All weeds are removed quickly and efficiently. The easy-to-assemble Topkeeper Pro is universal and can be used with all brush cutters

Henko 611A Tape Roller

The Tape Roller is an easy-to-use device to roll out tape. Using the Tape Roller prevents back pains and having to work on the knees.

Henko 627 Pull Bars

The Henko Pull Bars are designed for rolling out heavy rolls of synthetic grass. The Pull Bars will ensure a standing position to prevent back pains and ensure an efficient working method.

Henko 636 Carpet Cart

The Carpet Cart is used for transporting the weighty rolls of artificial turf. The Carpet Cart has a sturdy design and a capacity of 500KG.

Henko 637 Infill Meter

The measurement of the infill levels in synthetic grass is of great importance. A correct infill level not only maximizes the protection of the artificial turf fibers, but also optimizes the playability of the turf. Using the Henko Infill Meter prevents premature wear.

Henko 653 Turf Grip

The stainless steel Henko Turf Grip is used to move artificial grass. Because of its ‘teeth’ and the ergonomic grip you can put out a lot of force without using a lot of strength.

Henko 900 Spreader

The best way to quickly and accurately spread sand on artificial turf. Our motorized spreader divides the sand equally over the turf. The amount of sand can be adjusted by the handle bar. 

Henko 950X Manual Sand Spreader Excellent

Our manual sand spreader divides the sand/infill equally on the t. The amount of sand is adjustable and the handle bar of the spreader is foldable, ensuring easy transport. Dividing the sand makes brushing quicker and more efficient.

Henko 3000 3-in-1 Tool New!

With the 3-in-1 tool, the difference in level, the ball roll and the ball bounce of the artificial grass field can easily be measured. These are three very important indicators that determine the sport-technical properties of the synthetic turf pitch.

Henko 629 Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is developed to put pressure on the glued artificial turf seams to ensure maximum adhesion of the glue. This device is self-driven and different velocities can be selected.

Henko 6290 Joint Roller

The Henko Joint Roller is the manual edition of the Henko 629 Grasshopper, designed for smaller surfaces of artificial grass. The Joint Roller serves to put pressure on glued turf seams to maximize the adhesion of the synthetic turf glue.

Henko 6290H Hybrid Joint Roller

The Hybrid Joint Roller is designed for putting pressure on the glued joints of hybrid artificial grass.

Henko 655B Roll-up/unroll system

The Henko 655B is designed for rolling and unrolling roles of synthetic turf. This sturdy device is easy to use, and allows to cut precise pieces of grass of the roll.

Henko 661A Artificial Grass Pins

Artificial grass pins are used for pinning artificial grass and weed membrane (geotextile) to the ground, ensuring the grass and textile will not move and stay put during the installation of the turf.

Henko 661B Artificial Grass Pins

Artificial grass pins are used for pinning artificial grass and weed membrane (geotextile) to the ground, ensuring the grass and textile will not move and stay put during the installation of the turf.

Henko 981 Strakvlak Sand Leveling Tool

The Strakvlak® is a manual leveling assistant which can be used in situations where mechanical leveling is not an option. The smallest model (Type III DV) is suitable for the preparation of the sub-base layer when installing artificial grass. It can shift large quantities of material, enabling a coarse leveling of the site.

Henko 911 Grass Unrolling System

The Henko 911 system is designed for rolling out artificial grass. By using this system you will unroll the heavy rolls faster, easier and more efficient. It will furthermore prevent the installation crew from getting injured from handling the heavy objects.

Henko 641 Snow remover, unrolling system and rake

The Henko 641 is a combination tool to unroll rolls of synthetic turf, an infill rake and a snow remover to remove snow from artificial turf pitches.

Henko 609 Turf Infill Rake

The Turf Infill Rake is designed for spreading out various types of turf infill such as sand, SBR, TPE etc. Each finger is spring loaded and can be separately adjusted. This ensures equal loading on all fingers to prevent overstressing the turf.

Henko 642 Long Steel Tape Measurement

Solid and reliable Steel Tape Measurement. Indispensable during artificial grass projects and installations. Length: 100M

Henko 654 Tool Trolley

The Henko Tool Trolley is useful for transporting all artificial turf knives, tools and equipment. It has a great mobility because of its wheels, making it ideal for maneuvering around the project site or workplace. Available in  113L volume (Henko 654) and 190L volume (Henko 654B)

Henko 658 Mixer with mixing tool 

The Mixer is strongly recommended for mixing the A-component with the B-component. By using the mixer, the 2 adhesive components will be mixed faster than doing it manually, ensuring a more efficient working method. It is of great importance that the glue is mixed well to provide the best adhesion.

Henko 658A Spare mixing tool 

Spare mixing tool for the Henko 658 Mixer.

Henko 626 Stihl Blower

Useful for cleaning the working area and to blow sand and infill out of the synthetic turf for repair works.

Henko 999 Stihl Brush Cutter

The Stihl Brush Cutter is used to connect the Topkeeper Pro.

Henko 901 Mini Tractor

The most efficient tractor for using our Triangle Brushes, Brush Mats, Infill Rake and Grass Rolling System.

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