Máquina de pegamento con ruedas laterales

One of the most important parts of the Henko A&T glue system is the gluing machine. The amount of applied glue on the seam tape can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the gluing comb. The number of ridges can be adjusted by swapping the comb. This machine opens the grass, applies the seam tape with the right amount of glue and gently closes the grass in one smooth operation.

Rollers on both sides and the bottom have sealed roller bearings and ensure a smooth and trouble free operation. This glue machine is easily pulled by one person. When this machine is used together with the Henko R300 adhesive, one seam can be made in one go without stopping in less than 2 minutes per row. The comb and the glue reservoir are removable for cleaning. Smooth operation gives a higher quality glue seam with homogeneous spread of glue. This Glue Machine has special side wheels, making it perfect for unstable or bumpy surfaces. The Glue Machine is delivered with a Glue Scoop and 2 Glue Boxes. One Glue Box with a 14 cm seam and one Glue Box with a 25cm seam.

We strongly recommend lubricating all glue machines with Henko Anti-Stick before use, to ensure a longer durability and to make cleaning as fast and efficient as possible


Product information
Article NumberHenko 601A
Suitable forArtificial grass
Dimensions (L x W x H)100 x 86,5 x 43
Weight (KG)44



Información adicional

Peso 12.3 kg
Dimensiones 5 × 5 × 4 cm
Available in

12,3 KG, 6,85 KG