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Henko 601 40cm Glue Machine

Descriptionand materialThe Henko601-40 Glue Machine is used for applying artificial grass adhesive on glue tape. The amount of applied glue on the seam tape can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the gluing comb. The number of ridges can be adjusted by swapping the comb. This machine opens the synthetic grass, applies the seam tape with the right amount of glue and gently closes the grass in one smooth operation. Rollers on both sidesof the Glue Machineand the wheelsensure a smooth and trouble-freeoperation, especially with uneven floorings. The Glue Machine can easily be pulled by one person.

Length 100cm
Width 96,5cm
Height 43cm
Weight 49 kg

We strongly recommend lubricating all glue machines with Henko Anti-Stick before use, to ensure a longer durability and to make cleaning as fast and efficient as possible



Extra informatie

Gewicht 49 kg
Afmetingen 100 × 96.5 × 43 cm