The Strakvlak® is a manual leveling assistant which can be used in situations where mechanical leveling is not an option. The smallest model is suitable for the preparation of the sub-base layer when installing artificial grass. It can shift large quantities of material, enabling a coarse leveling of the site. After the coarse preparation, the larger models can be applied for more accurate leveling tasks. It is infinitely adjustable from 117 to 210 cm. The last model is a DUO model, adjustable from 210 to 303 cm.

The device is equipped with sturdy, lightweight plastic wheels, which are maintenance free and are adjustable in height per 0.5 cm. The base handle can also be adjusted in height, enabling any user to work in an ergonomically responsible way.

Preparing the sub-base for artificial turf applications is faster and more efficient with the Strakvlak®.

Product typeWorking width (cm)
Henko 98170 - 120
Henko 982117 - 210
Henko 983210 - 303

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Тежина 12.3 kg
Димензије 5 × 5 × 4 cm
Available in

70 – 120 cm working width (Henko 981), 117 – 210 cm working width (Henko 982), 210 – 303 cm working width (Henko 983)